I bought the e1000 lamp rated 24 watts. It really helped clear my psoriasis. I had it on my legs and arms, because the lamp is 2ft long it meant I could treat my legs with one treatment, meaning it was much less time consuming than the old 9 watt hand-held I had. Within the first few treatments I noticed a difference. Now three months on I am clear and hope to stay that way. Thanks, UVB Lamps UK.
UVB Narrowband Lamp Buyer: James, LONDON

"RecentIy I was a bridesmaid at my sister's wedding and was desperate to get clear from guttate psoriasis, so I bought the reasonably priced e8000 8 tube lamp, and it worked brilliantly. I managed to be psoriasis free in time for the wedding!!...Just amazing."

UVB Narrowband Lamp Buyer: Sarah, Newcastle, ENGLAND

"My friend recommended the UVB Narrowband e8000 lamp, as it had cleared their psoriasis. So I took the plunge and have found that 2 weeks into treatment, I have noticed a marked difference in the scales and amount of psoriasis on my body. Will update when I have finished the treatment plan."

UVB Narrowband Lamp Buyer for Psoriasis Treatment: Amy, Bath, ENGLAND

My son suffers from psoriasis but is away at university, so I got the e4000 lamp which means he can take it home with him easily at holiday time.
UVB Narrowband Lamp Buyer for Psoriasis Treatment: Robert, Edinburgh, SCOTLAND

"Great 8 tube product for the price, warning, don't be like me and forget about the 10 second rule as these tubes are super strong!!!"

UVB Narrowband Lamp Buyer for Psoriasis Treatment: Mark, Liverpool, ENGLAND

"The e1000 is fantastic for those like myself who travel a lot."

UVB Narrowband Lamp Buyer for Vitiligo Treatment: Asha, Cambridge, ENGLAND

The model I purchased was very manoeuvrable.

UVB Narrowband Lamp Buyer for Vitiligo Treatment: Nasser, Birmingham, ENGLAND

"I thought the 8 tube unit was the best price at that time, so I decided to research a little on different company offers and delivery times. UVB Lamps UK seemed to tick all the boxes I required. Delivery did come on time, as stated on their website. Well pleased with my treatment results."

UVB Narrowband Lamp Buyer for Psoriasis Treatment: Anon, Belfast, N. IRELAND

Impressed with additional accessories such as the uvb narrowband safety goggles and treatment plan carefully addressed for my skin type and initial use with brand new tubes. Thanks also for the extra diet plan which has played a significant role in the pathway to clearing my psoriasis. Well done UVB lamps UK and many thanks for the change of lifestyle and better quality of life upon using your superb uvb narrowband light-box for excellent results."

UVB Narrowband Lamp Buyer for Psoriasis Treatment: Alex, Swansea, WALES

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