UVB Narrowband and Psoriasis Treatments

UVB Narrowband 311nm Home Treatment of Psoriasis and Vitiligo

UVB Narrowband Phototherapy – UVB LAMPS UK New e1000, e4000, e8000 Series™

About UVB Narrowband 311nm Lamps

UVB Narrowband 311nm phototherapy has become extremely popular in the last ten to twenty years. Most clinics and hospitals have bought UVB-emitting devices like an UVB narrowband lamp. This kind of UVB narrowband lamp phototherapy is proven to be effective yet really simple and economical.

This fact has allowed millions of people to apply UVB home phototherapy without any costly visits to the hospital. UVB Narrowband 311nm lamps for psoriasis and vitiligo are available and affordable to everyone now. You can literally cure yourself by ordering one of UVB Narrowband 311nm lamps and starting treatment within the next working day.

It's a fact that 92.4% of all the UVB patients got better after two weeks of treatment. There's no pill or shot this effective against skin disease.

As you can find out, the UVB Narrowband 311nm lamp home phototherapy is:

  • Convenient
  • Efficient
  • Economical
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
There are absolutely no disadvantages in this treatment method, that's why you won't find anyone dissatisfied or disappointed with it. If you have psoriasis or vitligo – it's time to make the right decision and discover the therapy you need.

Pioneering technology allows UVB Narrowband 311nm phototherapy lamps to utilize one particular property of the skin, namely – to absorb light of precise wavelengths. As you know, it's a form of energy transition, so there has to be some influence on the skin cells and fortunately, there is.

In sunlight UVB rays cannot be very beneficial for your skin because there are also UVA and UVC rays present there. Another problem is that you can't control the exposure of your skin to these "good" rays. Knowing that UVB Narrowband 311nm light is capable of curing skin disease, scientists needed a way to produce a fully controlled emitter. Thus, the UVB Narrowband 311nm lamp was introduced into medicine all over the world making it possible for anyone to apply effective therapy even at home.

UVB Narrowband 311nm Lamp Home Treatment for Psoriasis

All the energy, gained by the skin from the lamp is used to stop the growth of cells affected by disease. Practical research has shown dramatic retarding of these cells, as well as gradual regeneration of the skin made possible by the phototherapy. With the help of a psoriasis treatment lamp you can clear your psoriasis condition and enjoy a stress-free lifestyle.

UVB Narrowband 311nm Lamp Home Treatment for Vitiligo

UVB Narrowband 311nm phototherapy works the same way for patients with vitiligo. The rays start a cellular repigmentation process that pushes the disease to its basic state and keeps it at bay. Any vitiligo spots just vanish after several weeks of treatment. There won't be a visual way to tell that the patient even had the disease in the first place.

Utilizing the UVB Narrowband 311nm Lamp Home Treatment

Taking into account that all the treatment may commence at home, this is an invaluable discovery for those people who don't have any spare time. There's no need to go to the hospital anymore – just use your UVB Narrowband home lamp treatment conveniently for a few seconds.
  • For the best results you should follow the guidelines provided with purchase of the UVB Narrowband 311nm lamp
  • Taking into account the chronic nature of skin disease, you should maintain the achieved healthy state using the lamp as part of our maintenance program.

Once you introduce UVB Narrowband 311nm lamp treatment into your life, from one of our product range:

UVB Narrowband 311nm Phototherapy e1000, e4000, e8000 Series™

It will provide a remarkable clearing of psoriasis or vitiligo, resulting in a better quality of life.

Psoriasis or Vitiligo – UVB Narrowband vs. UVB Broadband Phototherapy


Phototherapy of Psoriasis or Vitiligo is a type of therapy without any photo-sensitizing agent. Phototherapy is the oldest form of treatment, and it is based on the precise wavelength application to the affected skin area. There are mainly two types of fluorescent lamps of different spectral distribution – the UVB Narrowband 311 and the UVB Broadband lamp - available for the therapy of psoriasis. At UVB LAMPS UK, we provide only the precision UVB Narrowband 311nm Lamp. The erythemal effect of the exposure from the UVB Narrowband 311nm lamp requires smaller time dosage to ensure results - with the aim of being able to treat as much psoriasis area as possible without producing erythema (reddening of the skin) – precise UVB Narrowband 311nm is a better application. Moreover, recent investigations show that for successful phototherapy, precise UVB Narrowband 311nm treatment can be dosed far below the erythemal threshold). This makes the period of exposure shorter, reducing overall dosages and thus any acute or chronic side-effects. UVB LAMPS UK Precise UVB Narrowband 311nm lamps have been strictly tested meeting international approval in extensive clinical tests and are used world-wide. UVB LAMPS UK recommended phototherapy equipment involving UVB LAMPS UK Precise UVB Narrowband 311nm lamps provide a good means of home therapy, as the dosage can be easily controlled. The phototherapy schedule is drawn up by the medically approved exposure time calculations. We provide skin type analysis to measure the individual sensitivity of the patient using precise UVB Narrowband 311nm treatment acquires a very achievable success rate at each interval throughout treatment. Once the patient shows no symptoms any more a low-interval maintenance treatment is sometimes started to prevent early exacerbations.

UVB LAMPS UK has recognised Balneo-Phototherapy in providing a unique positive experience with the treatment of psoriatics at the Dead Sea. This new breakthrough is being increasingly assessed and results transferred to our research analysis. Brine baths, with a simultaneous or subsequent exposure to UVB (using precise UVB Narrowband 311nm lamps) provide better results at a generally lower dosage than in UVB phototherapy. This is mainly attributed to the greater transparency of wet skin. Balneo-Phototherapy of psoriasis is successfully applied for in-patients in numerous spas; it is also applied for outpatients in therapeutic clinics.


Vitiligo is a multi-causal disease, starting with the formation of a neoantigen, which triggers a cell mediated immune response leading to the destruction of melanocytes. The depigmented lesions of skin and hair can be localized or generalized. It belongs to the group of the auto-immune disorders, e.g. Diabetes type I and thyroid disease, with which it is often associated. The prevalence is estimated at 0.5 to 1% worldwide, although in India a figure as high as 8% is reported. Skin diseases causing an altered or impaired appearance may profoundly affect those afflicted. Aside from causing physical discomfort and inconvenience, it has been demonstrated that they influence the patient's personal and social life, daily functioning and psychologic status. Skin disease may provoke negative emotions such as shame or embarrassment, anxiety, lack of confidence and even psychiatric diseases like depression. With advances in precise UVB Narrowband 311nm lamps for the treatment of Vitiligo, we at UVB LAMPS UK can supply such lamps to the client for the privacy use in their own home.

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